The Incubator

In addition to providing a state-of-the-art certified kitchen facility for your culinary business, The Cookery offers countless benefits to members.  Benefits may include:

  • opportunities to participate in Cookery sponsored events, such as trade shows, food truck round ups, and culinary shows.
  • invitations to exclusive Cookery member events, such as Member Socials and Business Round Tables.
  • introductions led by The Cookery to complimentary local businesses, retail outlets, other Cookery members, or business planning services.


Current and former member businesses

You probably know many of our former and current members quite well! Cookery members who graduated to their own facility or brick and mortar establishments include:

How can The Cookery help you?

Cookery staff are always pondering, how can we help our members take their business to the next level?  Now that The Cookery has established itself as a trusted “go-to” for culinary connections, we receive countless emails and phone calls for recommendations for catering gigs, food trucks and food truck event planning, and business to business food vendors. 

And who do you think we recommend?  Our talented members, of course!

In addition, we strive to introduce Cookery members to fellow members as much as possible.  Have a catering business, but hate to bake?  Why not offer a fellow Cookery members’ baked goods in your menu?  Sell packaged sauces that compliment another members’ food item?  We’re here to help you connect the dots.

The Cookery is much more than a commercial kitchen - we are a community of like-minded food entrepreneurs creating a supportive environment for every member that walks through our doors. 

The Food Entrepreneur's Business Planning Workbook

Countless members have asked for assistance for getting their food business off the ground and turning profit.  Our workbook will help you to cost, price and market your culinary creations.

The Cookery Incubator Series was launched with one goal in mind - to propel your business to the next level.  There are hundreds of business development books out there, and most are filled with general concepts that leave small business owners with questions unanswered.  Our Business Planning Workbook was created specifically for Cookery members, allowing you to:

  • obtain advice from successful food entrepreneurs,
  • determine your cost, price target and break-even volume,
  • forecast your sales,
  • market your business by identifying your target customers and establishing yourself in the marketplace, and
  • calculate your business’s real numbers based on simple, straightforward examples and explanations of key business terms.

This book will assist you in making leaps and bounds in the entrepreneurial world, and we will be here to assist you every step of the way.


Banner image by Cameron Farlow