Our Inventory

The Cookery includes seating, 8 ft. rectangular tables, and tableware for up to 125 guests in your rental package.  Clients may choose to utilize these items, or they may choose to rent different tables, chairs or dishes according to their particular tastes.  Clients hosting parties with more than 125 guests will need to rent additional items from American Party Rentals.

Hosts are required to provide cloth linens according to the size specifications for the tables below.  And don't forget linen napkin rentals! 

All caterers on our Preferred Caterer List are familiar with The Cookery's inventory and number in stock.  By providing this list, we intend to help you save money on rentals passed on from your caterer, and to simplify your needs for your event!


Our inventory includes:

Tables and Chairs

Hosts are required to provide cloth linens according to the size specifications for the tables below. These measurements ensure that all tables are fully covered and that linens reach the floor! 

(125)  folding ranch oak chairs - black seat pad

(20)    8' rectangular tables (30" wide)
Linen measurement: 90" x 156" cloth

(3)      6' rectangular tables (30" wide)
Linen measurement: 90" x 132" cloth

(1)      4' rectangular table (30" wide)
Linen measurement: 90" x 120" cloth

(1)     36" round table
Linen measurement: 96" round linen

(1)      60" round table
Linen measurement: 120" round linen  

(4)      24" diameter round cocktail tables
Linen measurement: 120" round linen uncuffed
Linen measurement: 132" round linen cuffed

(5)      30" square wooden cocktail tables
No linen is needed! 


Other China

Crown Parian Line, White, Classic Rim

(125)  Dinner Plate  10.75”
(250)  Salad Plate  7-3/4” or can be used as a Dessert Plate  7-3/4” 
(125)  Bread & Butter Plate  6-1/2”
(125)  Soup Bowl  8-1/2”

(125) Coffee Mug - 8 oz.
(2) Cream Pitcher - stainless steel
(12) Sugar Caddies
(12) Salt & Pepper Shakers - 12 sets

Bastia Hammered Stainless

(125)   Dinner Knife
(125)   Dinner Fork
(250)   Salad / Dessert Fork
(125)   Teaspoon
(125)   Butter Knife
(125)   Soup Spoon


Wine Glass  10.5 oz
All Purpose Goblet   14 oz
(General Water Glass)  
Champagne Flute 5.75 oz
Pub (Pint) Glass  16 oz
Cocktail Glass  7.5 oz
Old Fashioned Glass   14 oz
(Aristocrat Double Old Fashioned)  

Service Items

(6)    Large Trays - 27” x 22” oval
(10)  Cocktail Trays - 14”
(6)    Wooden Tray Stands
(6)    Water Pitchers

Note: Rentals for items such as chafing dishes and serving utensils will be handled and listed by your caterer in your catering estimate.

*Additional glassware does not need to be rented for parties over 125.

A/V Equipment

Audio/Visual equipment includes:

Wireless Microphone
Microphone Stand
Projector Screen - 15' diagonal

Share your favorite photos on the big screen!

Share your favorite photos on the big screen!

  • A/V equipment can connect to your laptop or iPhone, or iPod.  We also have Generation 5 Apple TV.
  • AirPlay (connection to our projector screen through wifi) is available on all Apple devices running iOS 4.3 or later. 
  • Free wifi is available at The Cookery at all times. 
  • If you are renting our audio equipment, please note that only an iPod or laptop may be plugged into our system (either plugged in through the headphone jack or through our wifi).  Personal mixers and other equipment will require a PA.
  • Our A/V equipment is built for presentations and toasts, not dance parties - if there will be dancing at your event, we highly recommend hiring a DJ. Unfortunately our system is not built for high-level volume purposes!
  • If you would like to share a photo slideshow on the big screen during your cocktail hour, we request you submit your photos in our Dropbox folder 5 weeks in advance.


Open our giant rolling garage door to allow your guests to enjoy our patio! Please contact us if you would like to tent the patio - we would be happy to make a reservation for you!

When it comes to tenting, there are limitless options in decor, lighting and weatherproofing!  Tent accessories include:

  • walls
  • heating and cooling equipment
  • American Party Rentals has a myriad of heating options for both tent and patio, including tent heaters, outdoor patio heaters, and unique copper patio heaters.
  • Interested in air conditioning your tent during the hot summer months? The Cookery will facilitate tent AC rental - just contact us for details!
  • tent flooring with channels water underneath to divert water (see photos to the right for examples)
  • market lighting (large-bulbed stringed lights)
  • chandeliers
  • pedestal lamps
  • and much more!

Feel free to contact us to discuss the wide range of options to perfectly complement your event! 

When considering outdoor dining and tenting options, please remember:

Since weather, along with logistical considerations surrounding tent installation, is always a concern for events, The Cookery will make a determination based on weather forecasts and event needs for tenting in the courtyard.

A forecast of bad weather for any portion of the weekend may require a tent to be installed even if the weather forecast for the day of your event is clear.  If tenting is required, then the cost of the tenting will be added to your invoice regardless of the actual weather on your Event Date.  We will always do our best to accommodate your needs and desires for tenting, but the final decision on tenting the courtyard as at the sole discretion of The Cookery.

Tent with market lights and walls to contain heating and cooling. Flooring also shown here.

30' x 30' tent is from American Party Rentals, and fits our patio perfectly!

Open-air tent with paper lantern chandelier from Tre Bella

Make your entrance through our rolling garage door and host your ceremony outside!

Click on any of the images to enlarge and see details!

Other Suggested Items to Rent

If you are having more than 125 guests at your event, you may need to rent additional tables, chairs, and tableware. No problem! American Party Rentals is familiar with The Cookery's inventory and needs, and will be able to deliver matching rentals to The Cookery.  There may be other rentals you may want to consider - here are a few suggestions:


Dance floor and stage

Our polished concrete floor is not ideal for dancing, so if you are planning on having dancing at your event, a dance floor will need to be rented.  

Fortunately American Party Rentals has dance floors that fit beautifully in our space! Dance floors are available for rent in 3’ x 3’ and 4' x 4' squares so the size can easily be altered depending on your dancing needs. 

A stage can also be rented if you are planning to have live music. Stages for your band are optional.


When in comes to linen selections, there are countless choices! 

The Cookery works with American Party Rentals in Durham, who offers countless color, style and texture options. 

While you are more than welcome to rent linens from any other trusted linen rental company, we make delivery easy when you work with American Party Rentals with their special access to our space.  Plus it's always easiest to get everything from one place!



Our mezzanine is a perfect place for a variety of unique settings, your guest count permitting.  You can use the mezzanine as:

  • a place to have your wedding ceremony
  • a cocktail lounge with furniture and cocktail tables
  • a "game room" with cards, checkers and other games
  • or put a photo booth upstairs, with props and other items for guests to use in their pictures!
Host your wedding ceremony on the mezzanine

Host your wedding ceremony on the mezzanine

Kids only lounge at your Bar or Bat Mitzvah!

Kids only lounge at your Bar or Bat Mitzvah!

Vintage furniture rentals create a creative lounge area

Vintage furniture rentals create a creative lounge area

Guests overlook the Front Room from the mezzanine

Guests overlook the Front Room from the mezzanine

For the kids!

We do not have any high chairs or toddlers' chairs in our inventory - high chairs and non-folding chairs will need to be rented if you have small children attending your party.