Kitchen Rules

Kitchen Rules for Cookery Members

The key to having a shared space that works for everyone is to have clear, sensible and reasonable rules that keep everything safe, fun and easy for everyone.

You may be renting the entire facility, or you may choose to rent one area while another member is renting another area. We all know that kitchen work can be stressful and that there can be deadlines and pressure, so here is a list of our simple rules to make sure that you get what you need from your use of the space.




Play Nice

Throwing pots and cursing in French will not be tolerated. During your shift if you are renting the whole facility, you will have the space to use as your own. There may be other members coming and going to receive deliveries, clean or prepare food trucks for service, or do other peripheral tasks. You may have rented only a portion of the space and another member may be using another area. In either case everyone needs to be respectful and considerate. When you are in the facility and another member is running a shift, be mindful that they are paying for the space and don’t be in the way. The member who is scheduled for use of the space has priority and their use of the space shouldn’t be hindered by anyone else during their shift.


Clean Up Behind Yourself

The Cookery cleaning staff will do nightly deep cleaning of the facility, however you are expected to clean up behind yourself. Just as in any professional kitchen you are responsible for your station and cleaning up behind yourself. When you arrive for your shift, the kitchen will be clean and ready for you to use. When you’re shift is over, you must leave it the same way for the next member. This includes putting your food back in your storage areas, cleaning pots, pans etc., sanitizing countertops, and a light sweeping if needed, etc.


Absolutely no intoxication in the facility

If you want to get drunk and juggle chainsaws in your own kitchen, that’s fine with us. However, while you are in The Cookery, we want you to have your wits about you. Safety is king, so please show up for your shift as you would at any job; sober and ready to work safely.








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Broken Equipment

We can’t fix things we don’t know about. If you have problems with any aspect of the facility let us know immediately. Our engineering staff is available 24/7 to repair equipment that breaks. Please don’t neglect to tell us about a broken piece of equipment because you are afraid we’ll blame you for breaking it. If you don’t tell us about it when it happens, we can’t fix it and the next member will have problems with it during their shift. That’s not fair to them. It is vital that you report any problems with equipment to us as soon as you encounter them.


Hate Free Zone

Culinary professionals often have big personalities and strong opinions. Big personalities sometimes clash. In the event that you and another member of the Cookery are having problems working in the space together, let us know. We are not here to referee personal fights however we can be helpful in finding solutions to situations that aren’t working. Basically we expect everyone to act like civilized adults. If we all do that, we should all get along reasonably well. Under no circumstances will we tolerate aggressive, violent or otherwise inappropriate behavior. If you act as you would at any other work place, things should go swimmingly.



Your safety, and that of your supplies, are paramount. We provide personal lockers and lockable food storage areas for members who want them. The interior and exterior of the facility are under 24 hour video surveillance. The exterior is well lit for those of you that want to utilize late night hours. If you are ever in trouble at The Cookery, 24 hour security is just a phone call away. Theft of any kind will not be tolerated, not even a little bit.


More Rules

If you see the need for a rule that isn’t currently in place, please suggest it to us and we’ll think it over.