Wedding Resource Guide

After hosting countless ceremonies, receptions and celebrations, we thought it prudent to share our recommendations!


Our Top 3 Tips for You

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A wedding planner is worth every penny!

Whether you hire a wedding planner to assist you from start to finish, or only hire a planner to help coordinate during your special day, a wedding planner, in our opinion, is a crucial part to a stress-free day.  Wedding planners have a vast amount of experience and advice, and, if they are a good planner, will save you time and money that is doubly worth their rate.

Here are some local wedding planners that we recommend:


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A good DJ provides much more than music

In addition to an event planner, we highly recommend any bride and groom hire a reputable DJ. While a friend or family member can provide an iPod playlist over our A/V system, our system is unfortunately not great for dance parties - it does not get very loud because it is built for presentations and toasts.  A DJ will pace your event, initiate transitions such as when it is time to eat, toasts, and time to dance, and can adjust the energy level and atmosphere based on the event's needs in real time.

DJs we recommend include:


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Set-up support is crucial

The final hours before your event are usually busier than you anticipate. If you are purchasing flowers from a florist, remember that renting tea lights and other rental items from them may be a good idea too. The florist can then take care of the set up for you, which will relieve you of added pre-event tasks!

Decor & Rentals


Dance Floor

Our polished concrete floor is not ideal for dancing, so if you are planning on having dancing at your event, we will need to install a dance floor for you.  

Fortunately American Party Rentals has dance floors that fit beautifully in our space! Dance floors are available for rent in 3’ x 3’ and 4' x 4' squares so the size can easily be altered depending on your dancing needs. 

Here is what a 15' x 15' dance floor looks like in the Front Room:

 Story Photographers

Story Photographers

 Blue Barn Photography

Blue Barn Photography

 Tara Parker Photography

Tara Parker Photography


Linens and tableware

Since the Front Room is such a unique setting with countless built-in decor facets, you can keep your decor investments as minimal as you'd like! Linens play a principle role in your event's look and feel, and we love colors that complement the natural browns, jet blacks, and purple-hued grey walls of our space.  

American Party Rentals

The Cookery works with American Party Rentals in Durham, who offers countless color, style and texture options.  

If you prefer not to work with American Party Rentals, you are more than welcome to rent linens and tableware from any other trusted linen rental company.


Tent Embellishments

Planning on having a tent? We love these additions to enhance the tent decor!

  • Lantern chandelier from Tre Bella Floral
  • Ceremony Archway from Numious Steel, a local scuplture company that has custom and rental options for ceremony archways. They are a lovely addition to a patio ceremony!
  • Floral backdrop (potted plants, or plants and flowers fixed to a folding screen)
  • Farm & Filigree has lovely wine barrels that not only enhance the decor, but can also be used as cocktail tables.



Custom Chalk Artwork

Marika Wendelken is a local artist who transforms our stainless steel boards into beautiful pieces of artwork. Marika also creates seating charts, food station signage, and permanent signage and artwork for you to keep!

 Jessica Arden Photography

Jessica Arden Photography

 Robyn Van Dyke Photography

Robyn Van Dyke Photography

 Sarah Der Photography

Sarah Der Photography




Flowers add color and beauty to any event! We recommend the following local florists:

Since The Cookery has a unique style on it's own, you can dress up the room as much or as little as you would like!  Arrangements in apothecary bottles give tables an eclectic flair, and mercury glass vases always complement the room well. Larger bouquets set in tall vases give the room added height and drama, and seasonal wreaths can hang from the mezzanine.

Remember that your florist can rent you tea lights, floating candles, lanterns and other non-floral items to complement any event, and can set up the room according to your layout preferences!


Vintage Furniture

Vintage sofas, trunks, and vases are charming touches to an elegant but rustic event! Furniture and vases pictured below are from Farm & Filigree and Simply Put Vintage Rentals.

 Sarah Der Photography

Sarah Der Photography


Other Local Vendors We Recommend

ZimZoom Photobooth:  They're experts in making you look good!  After your event, they provide a free online gallery where you can view and download the photos! 

Tap Snap:  TapSnap is not your average photo booth - connect your photos with your social media apps, have custom digital props, and more!


 Photo booth set up on the mezzanine

Photo booth set up on the mezzanine

 Rebecca Aimes Photography

Rebecca Aimes Photography









 Sarah Der Photography

Sarah Der Photography

Nearby Accommodations

Thinking Outside of the Box


Holiday Weekends

Hosting your event on a Thursday evening or Sunday is a great opportunity to save money, especially since the The Cookery's room rental prices are lower on these days and there is no bar minimum.  Planning such an event over a holiday weekend make it easier for your guests to attend, and will also give them Friday and Saturday travel time!


Confetti Alternatives

Although we don't allow confetti, sparklers or bubbles at The Cookery, there are a ton of other alternatives to have guests to see you off in a festive way!


  • Glow sticks (our favorite!)
  • Paper airplanes
  • Flags and ribbon wands (Buy these on Etsy!)
  • Bell ringing


Southern Bride and Groom

Pick up a paper copy around town, visit the SB&G website, and get on their mailing list.  SB&G is a great resource for Triangle weddings! 


The Cookery

Refer to our Step-by-Step Guide in order to prepare for your event, and make sure to check out our photo gallery for examples of various layouts, rentals and more!


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