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Fizzy & Fruity

Bidoli Pinot Grigio   Friuli, Italy
An elegant Pinot Grigio, with fresh notes of white fruit, flowers, and citrus. Tasty with salads, seafood, poultry, cheese plates, and pasta with creamy sauces.

Light & Fresh

Château Gabaron Sauvignon Blanc   Bordeaux, France
This zesty and herbaceous white displays grapefruit and subtle tropical fruit. A perfect match for salads, seafood, or poultry, particularly when accompanied by herb sauces or vinaigrettes.

Light & Aromatic

Indaba Chenin Blanc   Western Cape, South Africa
This incredibly versatile and fresh wine has juicy peaches and tropical fruits. Drink with seafood, poultry, pork, or even dishes that are a little piquant!

Medium & Fruity

Conde Villar Vinho Verde   Vinho Verde, Portugal
Juicy tropical and lime fruit, a slight fizz, and a floral nose, everyone loves Vinho Verde! A more full-bodied wine than many Vinho Verdes, pour with poultry or pork dishes, as well as creamy sauces.

Full & Structured

Laurent Miquel Chardonnay & Viognier   Languedoc, France
A unique unoaked Chardonnay, displaying notes of apple and pear and a pretty floral lift. It is flexible with salads, poultry, seafood, or creamy rice dishes.



Dry & Fruity

Domaine de Couron Grenache Rosé   Rhône Valley, France
This light and dry rosé has notes of strawberries and fresh herbs. Delicious with salads, seafood, and cheese plates.

Light & Fresh

Gru Montepulciano d’Abruzzo   Abruzzo, Italy
This light yet intense red shows juicy and fresh notes of cherries and raspberries. It is similar to a light Pinot Noir, and is tasty with poultry, tomato sauces, cured meats, and full-bodied fish dishes.

Medium & Spicy

Domaine de Couron Côtes du Rhône Rhône Valley, France
This blend of Grenache & Syrah has notes of wild berries and baking spice. Flexible with poultry, pork, and red meat, especially rustic dishes.

Medium & Structured

Esteva Red Blend   Douro, Portugal
This rustic Tempranillo blend has rich cherry, notes of earth, & black pepper. Pour with poultry, pork, or red meat, especially dishes with tomato sauce, mushrooms, or herb marinades!

Full & Earthy

Fabre Monymayou Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon   Mendoza, Argentina
A classic full-bodied Cab displaying dark berry fruit, spices, and mint. Good intensity on the palate, with silky tannins balanced with oak. A great match for richer dishes, such as braised or seared red meat.


Full & Smooth

Tilia Malbec Mendoza, Argentina
This red has rich flavors of blackberry and raspberry, complemented by supple tannins.  A tasty pairing for red meat and pork, as well as grilled dishes and rich sauces. 



Bubbly & Festive

Dibón Brut Reserva Cava   Penedès, Spain
This delicious sparkler displays aromas of apples and pears with pleasant floral notes. It is crisp and light-bodied with stone fruit flavors accompanied by a mild minerality and balanced acidity. Perfect for toasts, or with cheese plates, salads, and poultry!