1 |  Event times

Daytime events are from 10:00 am to 2:00pm. Evening events are from 6:30 pm until midnight.

You and your caterer have access to the facility up to 4 hours before the start time of the event.  Clean up after the event is usually about an hour.  All of your personal belongings and decor must be collected at this time.

2 |  Rental fee

Our rental fees vary based on the day and time of day of your event.  Weekends (Friday and Saturday) have bar and catering minimums as well.

Celery, bacon & olives await their bloody marys at brunch!

Celery, bacon & olives await their bloody marys at brunch!

3 |  Bar package

We have bar packages based on your preferences, varying from House, Choice and Premium levels.  Bar package prices are based on the number of guests.  Please see the Beer, Wine and Liquor Lists page for our selections.

If you are planning to have your event on a weekend, you were assigned a bar package in your Event Proposal that met the bar minimum for that day (and time of day).  Please feel free to contact us if you would like to see rates for other bar package options.

4 |  Catering package

Our catering minimums are also dependent on the time of day and day of your event, and cover both food and service costs.

The catering company that you select must be on our list of Preferred Caterers.  All of our Preferred Caterers are familiar with The Cookery, and are a great resource for layout needs based on your type of meal.  You will be working directly with your caterer with the meal and planning needs of your event.

How we work with the caterer:

  • You pay us, and we pay the caterer.
  • We do not mark up any of the caterer’s food costs, but we do charge them a Facility Fee. 
  • The Facility Fee covers the caterer’s use of our kitchen, cleaning materials, a Cookery employed steward, equipment, and the cost to block our kitchen off for members’ use during the event. 
  • This fee is 9% of food and service for caterers.  
  • Caterers that are Cookery members are listed as such on our Preferred Caterer list.
  • The Facility Fee will be listed as a line item in the estimate you receive from your caterer.
  • Once you have decided on a caterer, The Cookery will email you to confirm your caterer selection.  We will place the deposit with the caterer on your behalf.  If you exceed the catering budget that is listed on your Event Proposal, you will need to place another deposit in order to keep your total deposit with us at 50% of the total for the event.

5 |  Options selected

The items in this category are all optional:

Sound & Visual

We have a wireless microphone, mic stand, and 15’ diagonal HD projector screen available for your use.  A/V equipment can connect to your laptop or iPhone, or iPod. We also have Generation 5 Apple TV.  AirPlay (connection to our projector screen and sound system through wifi) is available on all Apple devices running OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) or iOS 4.3 or later. Free wifi is available at The Cookery at all times.  See our inventory list for a detailed description of our A/V capabilities!


Open our giant rolling garage door to allow your guests to enjoy our patio!  American Party Rentals has a 30' x 30' tent that covers our patio and connects to our building, sheltering the patio from the elements and nearly doubling the size of our space.  The large bay door on the side of The Front Room opens to create a wonderfully connected space.  If you are renting the patio and would like it tented, please contact us to arrange for tenting. 

Market lights that are strung within the tent are included in your tent rental. For less than optimal weather, the tent can be walled and heated and/or cooled to serve as an additional room.


We have a multitude of free parking spaces available around The Cookery.

Valet parking is also a great way to accommodate your guests. If you would like us to hire valet parking for your event, feel free to let us know! We will arrange for an estimate with Royal Parking Services, a trusted company that valets at our events.  


If you would like for us to hire an off-duty police officer to keep an eye on your guests' cars and walk your guests out at the end of the night, we are happy to make arrangements. Police officers cost $35 an hour per officer. 


Ready to Book your Event?

Once you're ready to book your event, we will send you a Rental Agreement, which will list the 50% Date-Hold Deposit due to book the date and space, plus state sales tax.  Payment may be made by cash, check or credit card. If you are paying by credit card, a 3% convenience fee will be added to your Date-Hold Deposit.