Employment Opportunities

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Employment Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in working at The Cookery! Since we are expanding our facility, we are hiring an Assistant Manager. Please see the job description below, and if you are interested, fill out the following application.

Please do not call The Cookery or drop off an application - all applications must be submitted via this form. Thank you!

The Cookery's Assistant Manager

Full Time - Workload of 50 Hours a Week
Workload divided by partial daytime office and tour hours & evening event hours

The Cookery’s Assistant Manager is responsible for the sales of Front Room events and execution of many of these events from beginning to end. The Assistant Manager is the primary office organizer and in charge of the phones, office inventory, and alcohol ordering.  The Assistant Manager will be familiar with the overall structure of The Cookery and will be able to organize and delegate tasks as they arise to the respective team members, as well as field questions from the public about The Cookery’s operations. The Assistant Manager is the face of The Cookery, and should consistently exhibit positive and professional behavior, selling and managing our services with gusto! 


Event Venue Sales
20 - 25 hours a week

The Assistant Manager is responsible for Front Room tours and execution of sales.  The revenue generated from Front Room events is crucial to the success of The Cookery, and is the root of our successor businesses!  The Assistant Manager will represent The Cookery as a well respected, knowledgeable and organized business, and will strive to exceed sales goals and client expectations!

Tasks include:

  • Leading and scheduling tours of the space with potential clients.  A passion for sales and people is a definite must!
  • Handling email and phone inquiries from the public.
  • Hosting monthly open houses
  • Staying up to date on the current wedding sales climate.  This includes, but is not limited to, attending local wedding related events and gauging and understanding client feedback during tours.  Any helpful information will be supplied to Cookery staff and utilized in The Cookery’s growth and progress. 

How your work will be measured:

  • meeting sales goals
  • client feedback/satisfaction


15-20 hours a week

The Assistant Manager works closely with The Cookery’s General Manager to prepare and captain the private events booked at The Cookery throughout the year. A portion of the events booked will be given to the Assistant Manager to lead and captain, and certain tasks from the General Manager’s events will be in the care of the Assistant Manager.

Tasks include:

  • Securing contract documents and checks
  • Entering all data into our booking systems
  • From initiation of contract to post date event, handle all email correspondence with client including catering questions, layout, decor options, etc.
  • Host a layout meeting to organize necessary rentals and vendors, in addition to advising clients.
  • Staffing the event for The Cookery’s needs (i.e. bartenders, stewards, bar backs)
  • Final walk-thru the space with client and any decor team
  • Confirm timeline, AV needs and bar selections.
  • Arrange for bar delivery times to The Cookery and rental drop off.
  • Confirm layout, linen and inventory details.  
  • Open the space for a scheduled rehearsal, if requested.
  • Manage steward for pre-event clean-up.

*Potential Captaining of Events (not included in salary, paid hourly rate of Cookery Captain)—on average 11 hours/event, determined on a seasonal basis which is typically one night/month:

  • Day of arrive as required for vendor item drop-off, etc.  When caterers arrive meet with captain to confirm that they have the most updated layout.
  • Manage vendors setting up to address questions, correct any misuse of space, etc.
  • Address any client questions or concerns they may have.
  • Be present for event to make certain all details are running smoothly.  Assist behind the bar throughout.  Keep checking in with caterers to be certain all is running as planned.
  • Check out caterer and make certain they have cleaned the space and kitchen to mop ready state.  

How your work will be measured: 

  • Client, vendor and staff feedback



Special Events and Fundraising
On an as-needed basis

The Front Room is an opportunity for The Cookery and Cast Iron Group to highlight local food business, educate the public and promote and fundraise for causes that we support. The decision to host such events depends on the Front Room schedule, seasonality, and time-sensitive opportunities. 



Weekly Staff Meetings
2 hours a week

A weekly staff meeting will recap the weeks’ activities and needs with ownership.
A weekly meeting with the General Manager to discuss the weeks’ activities and needs.



Office Organization & Inventory
1 – 2 hours a week

  • Inventory stocked and organized. Inventory includes cleaning supplies and office supplies
  • Perform alcohol inventory tasks during weeks we have events and maintain bar needs
  • Keeping a spreadsheet of inventory and suppliers up to date
  • Answering phone messages M-F


Salary & Benefits
Salary and benefits will be discussed during your interview.





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