Additional Access & Policies


Pre-Event Set Up

All events include access to The Cookery 4 hours before the start time of your event and 1 hour of breakdown.  If you would like more time to access to The Cookery, we can provide:

Venue access before or after the event: $150 per hour
9am pickup the following morning: $250. Late fee: $100.

** Please see our policies below for details. **

Ballroom, Garden + Suite Package: Dressing Suite Access

Take advantage of our dressing suite to get ready for your big day!

Dressing suite access 4 hours ahead of your event access time: $350
Please note this applies to access only to the dressingsuite and restroom. See "Pre-Event Set Up" above for access fees to other areas of the venue for set-up.


Have you booked your wedding at The Cookery and would like to rehearse? Not a problem! One hour of access for your wedding rehearsal is included in the price of renting The Cookery! 

FRIDAY WEDDINGS: If you have a Friday wedding, you may have access to The Cookery for rehearsal on Thursday afternoon at 4pm. Please contact us to schedule your time.

SATURDAY & SUNDAY WEDDINGS: If you have a Saturday or Sunday wedding, you may have access to The Cookery for rehearsal on Friday morning at 10am or 11am. Your time slot is appointed on a first come first serve basis.  Please contact us to schedule your time.

This window of time is perfect for you and your bridal party to practice your processional and recessional. Your fantastic day of coordinator/planner will lead this entire rehearsal for you! Please note that the rehearsal time will be determined based on our current event bookings for that day. 

Engagement Photo Sessions

Want to have your engagement photos at The Cookery?  You are welcome to bring your photographer and have our beautiful space as your backdrop!

Engagement Photo Session

  • By appointment only

  • 1 hour: $150

  • 2 hours: $225

Vendor Access & Policies

These policies detail rental drop off and pick up times as well as vendor access for event set up and post-event strike. Please make sure your vendors are aware of our policies in order to receive accurate estimates as you are planning your event!


American Party Rentals and CE Rentals
After working closely with American Party Rentals and CE Rentals for many years, we have arranged regular drop off and pick up hours for these companies in particular due to the nature of their deliveries and schedule. They are as follows:

RENTAL DROP OFF  Rentals from American Party Rentals and CE Rentals may be dropped off between 8am-12pm the day of the event.  Early morning events which require drop-off on the day prior to the event may incur additional fees.

RENTAL PICK UP  Rentals from American Party Rentals and CE Rentals must be picked up between 8am-12pm the day after the event.  Dance floors and tents may be exempt from this pickup time depending on our event schedule.


Caterers and Other Vendors
The following drop off and pick up times apply to caterers and all other vendors.

DROP OFF / SET UP   Access for all vendors to The Cookery’s facility begins promptly 4 hours prior to the start time of an event.  If you wish to allow vendors access to the facility prior to the 4 hour set up window, you are welcome to purchase early access for $150/hour.

PICK UP / STRIKE TIMES   Strike of all items must take place within the first hour following the end of the event (this hour is the break-down window).  This includes but is not limited to: florals, lighting, décor items, rental furniture, DJ and band equipment, photo booths etc. as well as all of your personal property.  Food service rentals from American Party Rentals and linens from CE Rentals must be placed in pickup locations by catering staff during the 1 hour strike time provided post event.

If you wish to leave personal property or rentals other than food service and linens in the space overnight instead of striking items post event, you may purchase a 9:00am pickup of items the following morning for $250.  Availability of overnight storage of these items is dependent on The Cookery’s event schedule. ** If you purchase this overnight storage option: All items left overnight must be picked up at 9:00am the following morning.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  Those who miss the following morning strike time at 9:00am will incur a $100 fee for late pick up.** 


To Recap:

Rental Drop-off Time:                    8am-12pm the day of the event
Rental Pick up Time:                       8am-12pm the day following the event

Arrival for Event Setup:                  4 hours prior to Event Start Time
Post Event Strike Completed:       1 hour after Event End Time

Early Arrival for Setup:                   $150/hour
Late Strike Time:                                 $250 (9:00am pickup the following day)
Fee for missing 9:00am Strike:    $100 

*Want to Have Access to The Cookery Before Your Event?*

Open Houses are held quarterly (January, April, July & October) on the first Wednesday of every month from 6:00pm to 7:30pm!

Please feel free to join us at any of our quarterly Open Houses! Our quarterly Open House allows you to take a second look at the space and share your plans with your friends, family and vendors! Join us for these quarterly, unless otherwise communicated.