What's Next: Steps Leading Up to Your Event

Now that you’ve made the fantastic decision to host your event at The Cookery, what’s next?  The following information will take you through the next steps leading up to your event day.  If there is anything we have not covered in this guide, please do not hesitate to contact us!  

Our Guest Portal is also a great resource for your planning needs - it includes our Preferred Caterer list, Inventory list, sample layouts and linen dimensions, a page that explains your Event Proposal and amenity details, and more!

You said, “Yes!  The Cookery is the perfect venue for my event!” 

The final Event Proposal was sent to you to confirm, and the Rental Agreement and Rules and Regulations sheet was signed.  The Date-Hold Deposit was paid.  Your event day and time is now booked!

While your payments for catering and rentals will streamline through The Cookery, we do not handle the coordination and planning of vendors. As many events have occurred here, I would be happy to mention a few layout tips on, what works well and what does not.

Choosing a Day of Coordinator

We require every wedding client (even if only your reception is on-site) to hire a minimum of a Professional Wedding Day-Of Coordinator. This person will often execute your vendor communication, rentals, rehearsal, set-up, AV needs, ceremony, reception and load DIY/personal items into a vehicle. They will deliver a detailed timeline and finalize the floor plan. Please note, some coordinators only book 6 months out from your event. If you are over 6 months out, simply continue on to the next step!

Choosing a Caterer

It’s now time to focus on FOOD!  Please refer to our list of Preferred Caterers on the Guest Portal to select your caterer.  Contact any of them to receive menu and pricing options.

You will be working directly with your caterer on the meal planning for your event.  All of our Preferred Caterers are familiar with The Cookery, and are a great resource for layout ideas, which will be determined by the style of service you choose (seated meal, buffet, passed or plattered hors d'oeuvres), and the flow and feel you want for your event!  All of the caterers on our list are also happy to discuss any dietary restrictions that you may have.

Once you have decided on a caterer and have chosen your menu, the caterer will send us an invoice for the initial deposit.  We will place the deposit with them on your behalf.  If your actual budget for the meal exceeds the catering budget that is listed on your Event Proposal, you will need to increase the amount you have on deposit with us in order to keep your total deposit with us at 50% of the total budget for the event.

Quarterly Open Houses

Open Houses are held quarterly on the first Wednesday of the following months: January, April, July & October. Please join us from 6:00pm to 7:30pm!

8 Weeks Before Your Event
8 weeks before your event, we will send you an email that will assist you in creating your detailed timeline and vendor contact guide. This information will be requested at your final walk-through.

Constructing Your Timeline:

  • Guest arrival time

  • Event rental time at The Cookery

    • Please note: that this is always 30 minutes prior to the start time of your ceremony

  • Ceremony time

  • What time does bar open/service begin?

  • Do you have an A/V presentation in the Front Room? If so, at what time?

  • What time does your bar/service end?

  • What time will your last song be played?

  • Formal exit for the bride & groom

  • Event end time

    • Please note: you have 1 hour of clean-up/breakdown after your event ends

Constructing Your Vendor Contact Guide:

  • Event Planner (if you have one): Name | Business Name | Phone Number | Email

  • Main Contact for the Event: Full Name | Phone Number | Email

  • Secondary Contact: Full Name | Phone Number | Email

  • If this is a wedding, what are the full names of the happy couple?

  • Dessert Specialists: Name | Business Name | Phone Number | Email

  • Photographer: Name | Business Name | Phone Number | Email

  • Officiant: Name | Phone Number | Email

  • DJ/Band: Name | Business Name | Phone Number | Email

  • Any additional performers or musicians?

  • Videographer: Name | Business Name | Phone Number | Email

  • Florist: Name | Business Name | Phone Number | Email

  • Linen Company: Business Name | Phone Number | Email

  • Event Rentals: Business Name | Phone Number | Email

6 Weeks Before Your Event
6 weeks before your event, we will send you a questionnaire that will be due 5 weeks before your event.

The questionnaire will ask for details pertaining to:

  • Your bar package selections

  • Your wedding planner selection (if your event is a wedding)

  • Any additional rental hours

  • Confirmation of security and valet needs

  • If you are planning to have a slideshow on the big screen during your cocktail hour, we request you upload your photos to our Dropbox account

We will also ask to schedule your final walk-through. Which leads us to step #5!

Final walk-through

We typically schedule a final walk-through about three to four weeks before your event. This is an opportunity for you to discuss any questions or concerns with your vendors as you walk through The Cookery! Please bring your final timeline and vendor sheet (information from the 8 week email) to this walk-through. Results from your final walk-through will guide you in adjusting your rental orders. 

Final Steps Before Your Event & Guest Count
Less than 2 weeks before your event, we will send you a final questionnaire and a final payment invoice that will be due prior to your event.

It will ask you a myriad of details about your event, in addition to the following:

  • Confirmation that you and/or your planner have double-checked all rental, catering and layout needs. The Cookery does not offer services to confirm the day-of details. You are the final eyes on the accuracy of your rental orders.

  • A request for your timeline and vendor contact sheet

Your security deposit of $1500 and your Final Payment are due by the end of your event. Your security deposit will be deposited and processed. Please remember if you mail your check, we strongly reccomend you mail it vis UPS with a tracking number. Do NOT require a signature upon receipt. If you live locally, you are welcome to drop off your check in our mailbox, which is located on the side of our building by the driveway entrance. Please make sure to place your check in an envelope labeled with your name and event! Simply email Tammy or Juli to be on the lookout.

After your event, we adjust you invoice to reflect your actual guest count and actual labor. Any overpayment will be returned to you, along with your Security Deposit, assuming there is no damage to the facility. Any underpayment will be deducted from your Security Deposit before it is returned, assuming there is no damage to the facility. You should recieve your refundable Security Deposit back by mail within 1-2 weeks after your event.


One hour of access for your wedding rehearsal is included in the price of renting The Cookery! Contact us to schedule your rehearsal time. Please note that the rehearsal time will be determined based on our current event bookings for that day since there may be an event the day before or after your event.

If you booked your event at The Cookery on or after September 1, 2018, your rehearsal will be held on the Friday before your event from 9am-12pm.
This window of time is perfect for you and your bridal party to practice your precessional and recessional. Your fantastic day of coordinator/planner will lead this entire rehearsal for you!

The Event Day

You've made it - woo hoo!  All details are set, and now the big day is here! Your job is to enjoy your event! Our Event Captain and your catering staff will attend to your needs and ensure that you have a wonderful event.

You, your caterer and all vendors have access to the facility 4 hours before the event.  If you have friends or family that are arriving before the event to set up table decor, please note that the catering staff will not have the tables, chairs, and linens out until about an hour after the start of set up. Please ask your cater what time they will have the "tabletops" ready. The time they note is when your florist/planner may place centerpieces.

**Please see the Additional Access & Policies section of this portal for further information about vendor drop off and pick up times.**

Banner Photo: Katherine Miles Jones